Sector: Brand

About the Client

WhoZhoo enables individuals to build trust and security about another individual by validating their identity. It might be used to validate an identity in many scenarios such as renting a property, buying or selling online, dating, etc.

A Verification takes place where one party requests validation of a set of information from another party. The Subject is asked to provide certain Personal Data which is then run through WhoZhoo's verification engine so that validation can take place. Once validation has been confirmed, both parties will be informed.

This service is non-footprinting. This means it will in no way negatively affect your credit score at the bureaus.


WhoZhoo needed a way to break into the market and to communicate what Identity Thief is and its implications.


Amariz came up with smart campaigns that communicated the message to potential customers across South Africa. WhoZhoo increase they brand awareness, engagement and signups.


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