FYI Energy

Sector: Innovative energy products

About the Client

FYI Energy distributes a full range of energy solutions which include batteries, solar panels, and inverters. FYI Energy has a wide dealer network that supports the full national distribution of all innovative energy products and technical support that is needed for the best customer service. Our Footprint: South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia. FYI Energy has solutions for a home in a rural area to an entire city.


FYI Energy, a division of FYI Group, needed the same as the other brands on the group. However, the marketing was set out to be more real and human, while pulling through the innovation and network that the brand holds.


Amariz built the site, tweaked the logo and took FYI Energy to market. FYI Energy has been successful in rural, residential, commercial and construction. Amariz assist FYI Energy with their current marketing and ads campaigns.


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